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Duy, Bui Phuong
Duy, Bui Phuong
Senior Attorney
Practice Areas:
Investment, M&A, Intellectual Properties, Labour & Employment, Dispute Resolution

Investment – M&A

Vietnam’s low laborcosts, strong prospective growth and recent accession to the WTO Commitmentshave made it an ideal place for prospective investors to launch theircommercial operations. However, despite the attraction, investors are oftenfaced with procedures dense in regulatory compliance, governmental approvalsand administrative delays.

At VGCLaw, ourlawyers have the legal expertise to simplify this process. Together with our knowledge and know-how across industrial sectors, our lawyers are familiar with navigating through the mazeof Vietnamese regulations. Our impressive track record is the result of ourtried and true method of establishing some of the most successful companies inVietnam. To that end, we make it our aim to get our clients’ business up andrunning in the most time and cost efficient manner as possible.

Legal advice on investment is our core service. We have successes in supporting various investors in making investment decision and implement their project in Vietnam. Scope of service includes:

  • Advising on appropriate Investment vehicle either via direct or indirect investment or through M&A action domestic investment or cross border investment entry market survey, pre-feasibility study and feasibility study advising on tax implication and investment incentives legal documents preparation.
  • Obtaining necessary license and/or approval from competent authorities.
  • Project financing arrangement legal documents preparation.
  • Advising on post license activities and regulatory issues.

Investment in Vietnam

Besides, being well aware of that Merge and Acquisition (M&A) transactions are expected to configure a brand new investment trend in Vietnam in the near future, in the most recent year, our lawyer and experts continually invest in a unique set of solutions and research including legal frameworks, road-maps that directly address M&A issues in order to minimize project risk and time to value. With this service, we assist our client in due diligence study, identify commercial risk associated with the project, preparing and/or reviewing legal documents, designing M&A deals and also negotiation etc. Our practical adviser, dedication are recognized by clients as valuable contribution for the success of their M&A deals. We assist clients in both cross-border M&A transactions and direct acquisition in Vietnam.

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