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Get free Vietnam Legal Consultancy through Call Center 84-1900-8605
In recent years, the legal system of Vietnam has had many changes including changes about managing mechanisms and state policies. The Call Centerof Legal Consultant of Vietnam Global Consulting Law Firm (referred toas VGC) is an important service to equip for individuals, organizations and businesses over the country, it helps them to fully understand legal information in order to solve problems properly, timely and legitimately.

Advantages of Call Center of Legal Consultation: 84 1900 8605

With the legal consultant by phone, Call Center of Legal consultation responses immediately the legal consultancy demand of individuals, organizations and businesses all over Vietnam and worldwide, specially, customers will not have to spend time for coming to our office.

Besides that, the legal consultancy by phone may also quickly support in legal aspects , consults and answers customers’ legal problems anytime, anywhere. It saves time and costs for customers.
  • Service timing is very flexible: 24/7
  • Using services anywhere.
  • We always stand side by side withour customers in any situations, in all aspect of law. 
More over, a team of experienced lawyers always ready to answer the questions from customers via the email: or in the Fanpage: 

The field of the Call Centerconsulting 84 1900 8605

VGC Law Firm receives all the requests for legal services of customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our lawyers are always ready to provide legal consultancy and supports for customers in the following areas:

The fee of Legal consultancyservices through the Call Center 84 1900 8605:

To save time, effort and cost of travel for customers and lawyers, legal consulting fee will be charged on phone cost basis. The average fee of legal consultation: 2,000 VND/one minute of consultation (the above fee is collected and returned by the Viettel Company to our firm with 31% from the total revenue of legal consultancy over the phone). You should prepare the contents of information that you wish to be advised and clearly present it  in order to avoid uninterrupted calls, save time and costs. You can use the landline or please verify your prepaid account balance before the consultation with the lawyers. 

Note: In some cases, our lawyers or consultants may not be able to immediatelyanswer in detail by telephone, VGC Law Firm will collect information and answer by documents (ex: email, zip files...) or make an appointment to directly consult the customers.

We look forward to cooperate with customers, individuals, organizations and businesses, as well as receiving comments in order to improve our services quality top provide the best legal consultancy services to the Client.
Wishing you all the best and success.
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