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3 reasons why you should choose the real estate sector to invest in Vietnam?
Real estate is really a field that has a greatly influence to foreign investors. After the big changes taking place in some recent years, this field has gradually got back its position by collecting the amount of contribution from foreign investors. Why does the real estate market in Vietnam has a spectacular breakthrough like that?

1. Modifications and supplement in Law on Housing 2014 and Law on real estate trading 2014

Law on Housing 2014 has allowed overseas Vietnamese and foreign individuals enterring Vietnam to own houses in Vietnam. As can be seen, most of overseas Vietnamese have demand to return to Vietnam. Moreover, with the process of integration and development, foreigners come to Vietnam to work and live increasing significantly. Thus, the renewal of the law in Vietnam follows this positive trend has created the increase strongly in demand for housing, investors can fully be confident to make decisions in investment to the real estate in Vietnam - a promising field.

The potential market for the foreign investors.

2. TPP and the policy supporting from the Government.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), signed on 05.10.2015, opened to organizations and individuals a broad door to enter Vietnam's economy. From now on, the demand for factories, industrial parks, office buildings, housing ... will also bring many opportunities to the real estate sector.
Besides that, the Government also enforced a number of policies to encourage foreign investors in the real estate market. Especially, the preferential treatment for loans or using stabilization policy in the market and ensure that the interests of both investors and customers.

Vietnam are trying to open the door to the investment from all over the world.

3. The cost of low investment and cheap labor costs

Compared with other developing countries in general and the countries of Southeast Asia in particular, investment in real estate has been rated in a low level. In addition, human resources of Vietnam is very young and well-trained. But investors just have to pay the average of wages for these employers. We can be seen that the average monthly wages of labors in Vietnam accounts for only a quarter compared with Malaysia and half of the China and Thailand.

Phuong Uyen
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