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Investing to Vietnam market - Opportunities can not be missed
Vietnam – the name is mentioned as a potential ground for opportunities. The  young population and policies are developing  constantly, the foreign investors really can not miss out this golden opportunity. So, what are the reasons making Vietnam becomes one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors?

1. The golden structure of population

Vietnam's population is entering a period of "golden population". Statistics show that the number of people in working age is nearly 60% of the total population in Vietnam, the number ofpeople who depend on fallen to below 50% also. That means, with a young human resources, when investing in Vietnam, of course,the  investors do not have to worry about labor issues - one of the most important factors to get the success of any project.
Moreover, day by day, Vietnam is also improving educational program to enhance the professional quality for a young manpower. As be can seen, the university is gradually formed its own training mechanisms comply with the principles and purposes of integration. Teaching content is also under the international renovation, open more to international changes. So that students can get more strong expertise and is equipped with good skills.

Investment to Vietnam

2. Vietnam – A country has stable development in economics- politics - social

With a stable political background in Vietnam, the investors can fully assured to anticipate the level of risk, business environment ... Moreover, Vietnam's economy is also evaluated as an economy dynamic growth: the GDP shows that in the period of 1991-2010 at about 7.5%, in 2011-2013, though still difficult, but also at 5.6%. The famous economists predict that GDP growth will remain strongly in VN in the next 10 years. Thus, with this growth momentum,it is expect to expand the attractive investment from outside. The reason is that it is creating an investment environment really attractive and highly competitive with other countries in the region.

3. Constantly improving the legal system.

A series of new laws were enforced opening the doors to foreign investors. The investment policy has helped lessen the unnecessary procedures, taking a lot of conveniences. Besides that, the completion of the legal system, the implementation of these policies will certainly tighten and bring fairness; a competitive environment for foreign investors and businesses domestic. For example: a loosening of the ownership ratio of foreign investors. The renovation was immediately brought significant changes in the domestic market as well as create a lot of opportunities that foreign investors are intending to attack in Vietnam market.

The golden opportunity for foreign investors.

4. The process of integration and the Trade Agreement was signed

Vietnam is trying to put themselves into the international market. With a series of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements was signed. This is really a two-entrances door, making trade from Vietnam to foreign countries and conversly  becomes easier and more flexible. These include a series of major agreements such as the Free Trade Agreement (FTA): including tax cuts, tax exemption for exports, create an open investment environment, favorable ; Economic Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific: elimination of tariff barriers and eliminate all investment restrictions, liberalization to a lot of the sectors.

5. Investment costs is very low

Statistics show that the average monthly wages of labor Vietnam accounts for only a quarter compared with Malaysia and half of the China and Thailand. Thus, for expenses to pay for labor, foreign investors can fully easily manage and save a large amount of money to use for the other expenditures.
In addition, the diversity of resources and abundance of Vietnam, material becomes easier to find and transport. Moreover, with the supply is available, the investors can also save a large amount of cost and erase the difficulties of supplies sources for their projects.

Phuong Uyen
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